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        1998年,总部设在创盛大厦,为南京市玄武区国资委钟山集团 全资子企业,是集团旗下致力于物业管理业务的现代新型物业管理专业公司,注册资金 310万元,资金实力雄厚。 Nanjing Chuangsheng 比心直播天天色情在线观看. was established in 1998 and is headquartered in Chuangsheng Building. It is a wholly-owned subsidiary of Zhongshan Branch of Nanjing Xuanwu District . It is a modern new property management company dedicated to property management business. The registered capital is 3.1 million yuan and the financial strength is strong. Has the second qualification of national property management. It is the governing unit of Nanjing Property Management Association. The company has 426 employees, including 56 management personnel. The middle and senior technical titles and 比心直播天天色情在线观看 titles account for more than 60% of the management team, and the certificate rate is 100%, which has laid a solid talent foundation for the company. The company's internal management system has passed the dual certification of quality management system and environmental management system, and has formed the standard of standardized, standardized and refined property management basic business operations. The owner-centered humanized property management model has been determined to ensure the rapid development of the company in the pursuit of efficiency and value. The company has elevator maintenance and repair company, fire installation and maintenance company, power installation company, pump machinery maintenance company, cleaning and greening company, civil engineering 比心直播天天色情在线观看 maintenance company, housekeeping service and,,,,,,
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  • Buying a house for a while, the property for a lifetime, what can a good property bring to the owner?
  • After many “hopping”, he founded his own property company and doubled his annual income every year.
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